10 Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as a city of excess, an expensive place where the rich and famous live a lavish life. Because of this reputation, we expected it to be expensive and difficult to find things to do on a backpacker’s budget. We couldn’t have been more wrong, it’s actually one of the cheapest cities in the USA, and we found lots of free or low-cost things to do! (As long as you don’t order water in a club, that will cost you $10) Here are my top 10 free things to do in Las Vegas;

1. Explore the Main Strip

Honestly, this activity could take two days in itself. The strip is 6.8 km and overwhelming, and it can take about an hour just to get to the other side of the road. There is so much to see with every casino and hotel complex having its own unique theme. You can see a replica of a Pyramid, the statue of liberty, a Venice canal. If it’s your first time in Vegas, you’re going to want some time to wander around and take it all in.


2. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Inside the Bellagio, there is a free Botanical Gardens, with the theme and displays changing each season!


3. See The Worlds Tallest Chocolate Fountain

The Bellagio is also home to the world’s tallest chocolate fountain! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


4. Watch the Famous Fountain Show

You can’t go to Las Vegas and not watch the viva Las Vegas fountain show outside the Bellagio. It’s iconic for a reason.

IMG_20160809_225758 (1)

5. Visit M&M World

Four floors of chocolate, what more do you need? It’s also got its own free 3D cinema experience, a replica of Kyle Busch’s 18 M&M’S sponsored NASCAR, an opportunity to personalise your own M&M’s and several photo opportunities.

6. Grab a drink at the Coca-Cola Store

There is a Coca-Cola fountain, every type of coke float you can think of! Or you can try the samples of 16 different flavours with the taste of the world tray. Window shop and take a look at all the merch.


7. Free Slot Machine Pull

Free slot machine pulls you need to be over 21, and some of these need to be on your birthday. This can be a great way to gamble without actually spending any money. You could even take any winnings and use them on cheap slot machines.
Playing on one of the cheap machines is one of the best hacks for getting free drinks in Las Vegas, so even if you just spend $10 on the slot machine, you can get free drinks while you play! It’s great that they give you free drinks but also remember that it’s how they get you to stay! (Always carry ID. You have to be over 21 to even step off the path in any occasion areas) Certain games take longer than others, so maybe look into this to get the most for your money.


8. Flamingo Animal exhibit

Inside the Flamingo hotels15-acre grounds there are a number of exotic animals including birds, fish, turtles, and of course flamingos! It’s totally free and open every day from 7am-8pm.

9. The Eiffel Tower Light Show

Just like its real equivalent in Paris, the Las Vegas Eiffel tower also has a nightly light show. It’s every 30 minutes from sunset to midnight.

10. Take a photo next to the famous Las Vegas sign

I mean have you even been to Vegas if you haven’t been pose in frount of the famous sign?


These are my top ten free (cheap) things to do in Las Vegas but I’ve also included a few more recomendations.

  • ARIA Express Tram – the free tram that runs between ARIA and Crystals retail and entertainment district can be a quick way to get around while taking in the view.
  • Big Apple Arcade – It’s not totally free but in the big apple arcade you can play air hockey/ arcade games and watch people on the roller-coaster.
  • Photography opportunities – Vegas is a photographers dream, the desert light creats some beautiful landscpae photo opportunities with pleanty of veiw points to explore.
  • Village street eateries – Again it’s not free if you buy food, but it’s a indoor street that looks like a new york street out of a movie set full of little resturants.
  • Ceasers Palace – if you are a die hard freinds fan it’s worth a visit to see the cassion that Joey ends up working at the also have really cool decor the forum shop.
  • Freemont street – has a huge LED celling and they do different light shows from 6pm every night.

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