Why Crete should be your next Greek island

Planning to head to Greece to soak up the sun this summer? But not sure which island to choose?

Picking the right island can be tricky and there are so many amazing options to choose from. Mykonos and Santorini have notably been the most popular in recent years but are also the most pricey. For me, Crete is by far the best choice and as the biggest of the Greek islands, it’s guaranteed there’s something for everyone.

So here are my reasons why Crete should be your next paradise island of choice.

The Beaches

As the biggest Greek island there seem to be endless beaches to choose from, within the small village we stayed at there were multiple to choose from. Unlike a few Greek islands that are mostly Rocky/ peddled beaches. Crete has the soft sand and Crystal clear water that dreams are made of.

The Food

Wherever you go in Greece you are guaranteed to get some amazing traditional Greek dishes. However, I feel Crete has the widest variety from amazing world-class restaurants to classic cheap eats.

I devoted a whole blog to some of the amazing food you must try here.

Chania Old Town & Harbor

You have to visit Chania during your time in Crete. Situated at the northern tip of the island this place is just stunning. You would never expect to find beautiful, perfectly preserved 14th-century architecture in the middle of a Greek town.

The beautiful harbour is filled with restaurants and bars to sit and watch the sun go down. Or take a stroll through the side streets packed with shops, museums and churches.

The history

Crete seeps in Greek myths and legends where better to incorporate a bit of history into your holidays! Explore the birthplace of Zeus, the labyrinth of the minotaur and ancient towns.

Mini train tour

Crete has its own unique style of tours, they operate old fashioned road trains to drive around and show all the highlights. There are many different day tours to choose from depending on your interests, they all include a guide and stops for food. The tour we did I would really recommend we explored an old church hidden within a cave, went up to the mountains to see how traditional raqui is made and visited the oldest Olive tree in the world.

Don’t just take my word for it! Go and visit Crete for yourself…

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