A Long Weekend in Dublin – A Crazy Place and a Rickshaw Race

Me and my uni girls decided to have a reunion and booked a long weekend to Dublin. While the flights were very cheap we were struggling to find accommodation to match. Everything in central Dublin seemed to be an extortionate price. With many of them having used air BnB in the past we started scrolling through. We saw a place that looked perfect so did the awkward enquiry message, a group of girls wanting to stay over and got a response a few days later saying they had double booked and had no room. Now we were getting closer to the time and getting more desperate, we found a place on temple bar street for a crazy cheap price and all got very excited, it had enough beds and while it was the first time anyone was staying in the property the host had great reviews from her staying in places. There were no pictures but this didn’t set off alarm bells as we weren’t particularly fussy. As long as we had beds and a bathroom. Fast forward to about two days before we went we had been messaging the owner she seemed lovely and super accommodating she had even added an extra bed just for us. Then the pictures appeared and all I can say is we were so confused. The beds were all double bunk beds that looked basically hand made one just had an old broken ladder to climb up to it. We were shocked and sceptical but it was too late to go back now.

We arrived at Dublin airport and got the very handy airport transfer to the centre. It only cost, €6 and dropped us right in the centre.

We met her and her husband outside and my God when we walked in it was so hard to keep a straight face, the place was totally bonkers. Even pictures don’t do this place justice.

I mean if your into that kind of quirky thing this place would be ideal but for us, it was just mental. The only lights were red which made makeup a bit of a nightmare, there was no heating and the toilet was outside and shared with the tattoo shop upstairs.

On the plus side, the location was incredible. You stepped outside right into the heart of temple bar. Filled with bars, cafes and shops, I would recommend staying as close to here as possible!

It made our crazy accommodation worth it and a story we would be telling for a long time.

There is so much to do in Dublin, we spent a vast amount of our time eating at some incredible places I have dedicated an entire post to discuss some of the best places Here.

There are so many shops from quirky boutiques to High Street stores, The Dublin wall of Fame, leprechaun museum and Guinness museum. There is incredible architecture (we spent half a day windering around Trinity college, it’s just so pretty.)

There’s incredible architecture we spent an entire morning wandering around Trinity college it was just so pretty. There are some great historical walking tours and the Pubs and Bars are just crazy. We spent our first night in a jazz bar with live music and excellent cocktails and our second night in the pubs on the temple bar. These pubs are an experience all to themselves with different floors playing different types of music from live Irish music, to karaoke to pop and dance they can’t be missed! We also found out that one of the best ways to get to the clubs when the pubs on temple bar close is by jumping in a rikshaw as taxis can’t go down the temple bar. We ended up having a rikshaw race against our friends across Dublin it was an amazing experience but a challenge trying to fit us all in!

If your looking for you next weekend break Dublin really has it all I would just advise booking accommodation in advance and maybe not doing the same air and that we did.

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