Gatecrashing a Children’s Pool Party – Day Two in Vienna

After our adventures last night we were shocked to discover it had taken Beth and Lucy almost 2 hours to get back to the hostel. They got lost in the streets of Vienna and were having their own adventure. Today however beth was leaving our trip to go home for a christening. We were becoming a trio and had to move hostels to accommodate, to the other side of Vienna. As we were checking out we saw the French guys and were relieved to know they made it back. Ironically our hostel turned out to be ten minutes away from the club we were at last night. We were staying at the Meininger Downtown Sissi, this was a far more residential side of town and the Meininger was more of a fancy hotel than hostel. We arrived too early to check-in but put our backs in the storage area downside. It had the best air conditioning we had experienced in weeks so we sat in the bagged room trying to cool down after trekking our bags across Vienna.

I feel like when travelling it’s sometimes nice to have a much more relaxed day and recollect yourself. After all the walking we did yesterday we decided this was going to be our relaxed day. So we went to explore the area with Beth’s remaining hours we found a supermarket stocked up on supplies and found a park to sit in. We played in the sun and tried to plan out our trip to Bratislava the following day. After exploring more of the park we stumbled upon a pool, to Lucy’s joy we decided to go swimming.

We walked back to the hostel to say goodbye to Beth and check into our room. The Meminger was very nice and I would recommend staying there if you’re looking for a very reasonably priced, quiet base in Vienna. However, if you’re looking for a sociable young hostel, this isn’t the place for you and a stark contrast from wombats. Although having a double bed was a nice change and not having the fear of falling out of a bunk bed was pretty great.

After changing into our swimming stuff we went back to the pool. It was totally packed with screaming children and families, there was no one there that wasn’t with a toddler. We couldn’t really swim so paddled feeling out of place for a while, but it was enough to make Lucy happy. It was a great way to cool off in the heat and gave us the holiday vibes we had been missing. We had time to sunbathe and read a book, once we zoned out from children standing on our hair.

Feeling well-rested we went back to the hostel cooked our dinner then decided to do a work out as we hadn’t exactly been eating healthy and other than walking hadn’t done much exercise. Taking Lucy’s iPad to the park we had spent most of the day in, we decided to do the insanity workout. We certainly got some strange looks from people walking past with Shaun T shouting at us, we also weren’t prepared for how quickly it would get dark.  On our return to the hostel, we were very sweaty and hoped not to run into anyone, just our luck as we managed to stumble into a wedding reception.

As we paid for the 5 days of travel within 10 days interrail ticket, so to make the most of it tomorrow we are going on a day trip to Bratislava.

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