The Bird Man and The Tower – Day three in Prague

After last nights bar crawl, we decided to have a very chilled day today. We didn’t have the greatest nights sleep, Prague is insanely hot, and our hostel has no air conditioning. Our room does have huge windows to let the air in; however, we are opposite a construction site. We were woken up at 8 am not only by drilling, banging and dust clouds but by the terrible singing of several Czech builders.

We spent the morning lazing around the hostel and cooking breakfast. In the afternoon me, Lucy and Beth planned to visit the Petrin hill observation tower.
Pertin Hill observation tower is basically Prague’s version of the Eiffel Tower. We decided to get the metro to the top and save our legs to walk back down. As we climbed our way up the 299 steps, me and Lucy suddenly started to feel very anxious as we realised we both had a fear of heights. Beth did her best to distract us from looking through the gaping gaps in the steps to the massive drop below. The view from the top made this all worthwhile, you can see all the way to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic.

After climbing back down the tower, we decided to get some ice cream as a reward and walk around the gardens. In the gardens we were greeted with a very peculiar sight, a grown man was sat on the floor in the middle of the road wearing a birds beak. There was no explanation, no sign, and he wasn’t asking for any money. I feel like nothing in Eastern Europe is surprising and everything weird is just accepted and ignored.


Walking home through the streets of Prague, we managed to get incredibly lost. All the streets twist and turn and connect to side passages. I mean, where are the Romans and their straight roads when you need them! The upside of this is I finally got to sample the traditional Czech pastry, Trdelník. It’s rolled out dough wrapped around a stick and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Multiple street carts sell it, but I would recommend avoiding any in popular tourist areas as the prices tend to be far higher.

Finally making it back to the hostel as very sweaty messes, Beth randomly declared that she wanted to ‘wash her body’ in a weird voice, rather than a just saying have a shower. This term has now caught on, and we all refer to showering as ‘washing our bodies’.

We collected Vicky and Harrie and went to explore the wide variety of shopping Prague has to offer. I would highly recommend shopping in Prague, its very cheap, given the exchange rate. Although even after four days I am still baffled by the money and am looking forward to going to back to euros tomorrow.

Prague has everything you could want, from popular worldwide stores to more unique boutiques, to big market squares. Our personal favourite was a sweet store Captain Candy, full of barrels of delicious chocolates and sweets.

After spending most of our remaining Crowns, we headed back to get ready for Vicky’s birthday meal and our final night in Prague.
We decided to go to a nice restaurant in Prague square, so Harrie as our designated organiser reserved a table at U Prince. Throughout our time in Prague, we had been warned multiple times about the sometimes grumpy, hostile nature of the Czechs and not to take it personally, and it’s not considered rudeness to them. However we had yet to experience any at all, this changed when arriving at the restaurant. Inquiring about our reservation, we were told simply told no, and the waiter walked off. This was incredibly confusing just to be told you don’t have a reservation when you know that you do. So after exchanging baffled looks, we went inside to try and find out what was going on. We then found out you can only reserve the roof, and if it’s full, your reservation doesn’t count. The restaurant was bustling, but we managed to find a table. It then proved a challenging ordeal to even get the attention of the waiters to order.
I wouldn’t recommend eating in Prague square as its overcrowded and expensive. It was, however, a great alternative to my hostel cooking and we had our final meal in Prague right next to the clock.


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